Q:  I've moved house and changed my details on the OU 'Staff Self Service' system but UNISON is still sending information to my old address, why is this happening.

A:  There is no link between the details held about yourself by the OU on the 'Staff Self Service' system and those held on the UNISON National Membership database.

You can easily update your address & other information yourself via the My UNISON website.

The My UNISON  website gives you access to your membership record on the National Database.

We would ask that as well as changing your Address you also register/confirm at least one email address and your contact telephone number to enable us to contact you with information from the Branch as appropriate.  If you register more than one email address you can indicate which one should be used by preference. We would ask that whilst you are signed in to the My UNISONwebsite you check all the details that are listed for you.

if you have not used the My UNISONwebsite previously you will need to activate your account first, the whole process take a couple of minutes and you can do that from here.   

You will need to enter your membership number and a few other details to confirm who you are and your account will then be activated .  

NB. Please allow two working days for your account to be activated, before attempting to login, in order to allow the background systems time to transfer your details and authorise the account.

Once your National account has been activated, you can then go to the My UNISONwebsite and sign in, then click on the ‘My Details’ link in the list that appears.  From there you can check and update all your contact details from the 'Personal details' and 'UNISON details' links.

Please note:

  • Your Job Title may not exactly match with your actual job title at the OU, but should be approximately correct. The OU has a lot more Job Titles listed than does the UNISON National Membership database.
  • Your department will be shown as your top level Department/Faculty/Unit and not your subunit.
  • If your Main Employer, Workplace, Job Title or Department are incorrect please do not edit them yourself, but contact the Branch Office as we need to ensure that these details are consistent across all membership records.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the Branch Office.