Branch Members

 Kevin Clay who has been at the Open University for 36 years retired today and will be having a very well deserved rest. He has been a fantastic colleague and friend to everyone that knows him.


Kevin has been a long standing Unison Officer with many years of experienceproviding support and advice on daily basis. His dedication and commitment to his Unison role has been consistent throughout his long years of service.


We are extremely fortunate that Kevin will still be working for Unison as Retired Members Officer and he will occasionally be popping in to see how things are going.


Kevin's role will be handed over to Health and Safety Officer Graham Wakley. 


"I have known Kevin as a colleague, and friend, for many years and I am honoured to be given a chance to try to continue his work within the OU Branch, UNISON.  He has worked tirelessly to ensure that our Members are supported to the best of his ability and I hope that I will be up to the challenge!"


We would all like to thank Kevin and wish him well for the future.