If your workplace does not currently have a Steward or Workplace Contact listed please contact the UNISON Office in the first instance.

If you would like to know more about taking on one of the vacant roles, or you would like to know more about what would be expected of you if you did, please contact the UNISON office.

Full Training, Mentoring and Ongoing Support, is provided to all new and existing post holders.


Name Position Email
Kym Gosling Branch Secretary k.gosling
Scott Hurley Branch Chair scott.hurley
Emily Stevens Branch Assistant/ Equality Officer/ Steward emily.stevens
Tammy-Ann Mouton-Carballo Women’s Officer/ SRF Steward tammy-ann.mouton-carballo
Martin Gowans Labour Link Officer martin.gowans
Sho Tang Health & Safety Officer/ Wellingborough Steward s.s.c.tang
Oliver Millard Education Coordinator oliver.millard
Lawrence Green International Officer lawrence.green
Elliot Morgan Environmental Officer elliot.morgan
Robert Satchell Branch Treasurer robert.ratchell
Hussain Zafar Welfare Officer Hussain.zafar
Graham Wakley IT Steward graham.wakley
Iain Macdonald Manchester Steward iain.macdonald
Ruth Poultney Wales WPC ruth.poultney
Keith Davies Nottingham WPC keith.davies
Ezekiel Chester Nottingham WPC ezekiel.chester
Steve Coles Wellingborough Warehouse WPC s.c.coles
Alex Bates Estates, Postroom WPC alexander.bates