Starting this week you have an important decision to make. A decision that will tell your employer you will not stand for their offer last year of a 0% pay rise.

In August 2020, Higher Education employers offered you and your colleagues nothing. They offered you nothing extra for keeping students safe and supported. Nothing extra for making remote learning a reality. Nothing extra for the most challenging year of your working lives.

This week you will have the chance to vote for strike action and tell your employer their offer of nothing wasn’t good enough. We are strongly recommending that you vote YES for strike action. You have to let your employer know you deserved so much more than nothing. 

Your vote will be vital. The employers will not rethink this pay freeze for 2020/21 unless we all stand firmly together. So join your colleagues and tell your employer that university staff expect decent pay, fair workloads and secure employment.

Vote YES for strike action to remind your employers that you deserve nothing less.

Please be aware ballots must be received by the 10th of August.

From your UNISON Branch